Lily + Mint was born of a passion for art and nature that I have always had while growing up in beautiful Mendocino County. The name honors my grandmother Lily, and represents the history and family tradition behind weddings and special occasions. Mint is representative of all of the new, fresh and modern ideas that we incorporate into each event. 

about ANDREA

I consider my floral design to be an art form, and find joy in designing unique, seasonal and organic pieces for my clients. I grew up loving all kinds of art and have tried many different forms of expressing my creativity, but have found my passion in flowers. 

I especially love seeking out rare and unique elements to include in my designs so that no two events are alike. I aim to honor the flowers and materials that I use and to help my clients appreciate what a special part of an event flowers can truly be.

I am lucky to reside in beautiful Sonoma County where many local floral growers are at my fingertips. It is my goal to incorporate as much sustainable product as possible and to support the local community. I primarily design in my Petaluma studio, but also have a studio on my families property in Ukiah, which is a great resource for foraging beautiful additions to my arrangements. 

I hold a BA from UC San Diego and a Certificate in Event Planning from San Diego State University and have trained with some of the Bay Area's top designers, including Jenna Lam Events, La Lavande, Ornamento, Stanlee R. Gatti Designs, Shotgun Floral Studio, and Nancy Liu Chin Designs. I have also participated in learning workshops with nationally acclaimed designers like  Flowerwild, Ariella Chezar, Saipua and Nicolette Camille Floral Design. 

In my spare time I can't get enough of trying new creative endeavors (calligraphy, photography, painting, ceramics, etc), traveling (I lived in Spain for a year during college and try to take a fun trip at least once a year), antiques and bargain hunting, and so much more. My husband Josh and I were married in May of 2017, so I can now relate even better to what my couples are going through during the busy planning process!  I'd love to get to know a little bit about you, too! 

Kayla Yestal Photography

Kayla Yestal Photography

Heather Nan Photography

Heather Nan Photography


Lily and Mint could not exist without the amazing support of our talented designers.  Our freelance designers are carefully instructed and trained in order to create a cohesive, well thought out and well designed event. With years of experience in wedding planning and floral design, our events are well staffed and executed so that our clients can rest easy on the big day!